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The Organic Hub

About Us

Who We are?

We become What we eat, and Here we need to realize what are we eating? The food full of chemicals and toxicants with negligible amount of Nutrition, Isn’t it?

Eating Organic is not only right of Everyone and hence at“The Organichub” We are striving hard for making the Organic products available to everyone with bridging the gap between cost of convectional products and organic products and thus Organic produce can be available and affordable to everyone in our country. we procure all produce from a certified farmers and best possible compensation is provided for their efforts to support the hard work of our farmers and directly make it available to end consumers and thus it can cut the cost of middleman and be available at affordable prices.

At THEORGANICHUBWe believe That “PAY TO THE FARMER NOW,OR PAY TO THE PHARMA LATER”. And the choice for healthy living is just a click away.

You can join our mission of making healthy food available to every Indian by starting franchise store in your city. Enquire for franchise on theorganichub.ank@gmail.com

Why organic?

Organic products are grown by traditional Indian method where no pesticides or harmful toxicants are used. Organic products are free from any kind of toxic and harmful agents, whereas it is also high in nutrition than conventional products, helps improving your immune system,Thus, habit of organic eating can lead to lessening of health risks such as cancer, heart diseases and many more. Choosing organic makes your contribution towards promoting welfare of animals and our eco-system, one step towards making earth better place worth living.

Eating organic products can lead to healthy human As, for healthy human, healthy heart and mind is necessary.

Thus, habit of eating organic products is real Healthcare and Treating the disease is and not healthcare it’s sick-care.


Name of CEO Ms. Nisha Jain
Year of Establishment 2004
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employees 65
Market Covered Worldwide